Book now and pay on the day Free cancellation policy

Book now and pay on the day  Free cancellation policy

To give you even more confidence when booking we've now brought out a new book now and pay on the day in cash/card for email and telephone bookings. 

During our Black Friday and Cyber Monday week from 27th November to 7th December we are offering a 20% discount on all tours and experiences that are booked during this period and paid on the day. 

To book now and pay on the day please email us at or call/Whatsapp 07877851513 to make your booking and pay on the day in cash or by card. 

International callers please dial +447877851513 (cell and WhatsApp). 

We continue to offer our standard 48 hour prior to departure free cancellation service, no questions asked for online bookings. 

We have extended the free cancellation to 24 hours prior to departure due to COVID-19 related issues such as flight cancellations due to government policies, general flight restrictions and other force majeur reasons. (We will need to have proof of a genuine reason for the cancellation) for online bookings too*. 

By this we mean if your trip has been cancelled due to reasons beyond your reasonable control or following the advice of the World Health Organisation (WHO), UK Government, Public Health England (PHE) or your national equivalent. 

Following UK government advice the leisure and hospitality sectors in England are reopening from December 3rd 2020 and we hope to be operating all our tours soon. Most of the venues we visit will reopen from December 3rd, however, while the situation remains fluid we encourage you to send us an email before booking your tour to check. Please write to us at or call/Whatsapp us on +447877851513. 

We'll keep you updated here and through our Bespoke England Tours Instagram and Facebook pages.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

* Foreign credit/debit card fess and exchange rates may not be fully refundable. Please check with your debit/credit card provider. This could add up to between 5%-10% of the total booking. If this is the case we will provide a complimentary goodwill gesture with your next booking such as free tickets for venues or discounts for airport transfers. Please contact our customer support team here for further details: