Meet the founder

The driving force behind our tours  

The genesis of Bespoke England Tours can be traced back to founder David Garcia’s broken leg. Unable to walk or drive, David was faced with a period of enforced relaxation that became a catalyst for reflection and ultimately, transformation. It was during this time that David decided to channel his passion for travel and cultural exploration into creating his own venture – Bespoke England Tours.

David's wanderlust is deep-rooted. Raised in a family that loved to travel, he was introduced to the wonders of the UK and Europe at a young age. His passion for exploring grew as he ventured further afield during his youth, spending time in Mexico, Guatemala, and Morocco, and sharing his knowledge of the English language as a teacher in Spain.

His return to England marked a pivotal transition from education to tourism. David initially embraced the role of an educational tour director, a position that married his teaching background with his love for travel. However, the allure of forging his own path proved irresistible, leading him to leave the security of employment to fulfil his entrepreneurial spirit – which he describes as being part of his DNA.

Today, as the founder of Bespoke England Tours David has infused the company with his commitment to personalisation and excellent customer service. His mission is to craft unforgettable experiences that not only meet but exceed the expectations of his guests. From the historical sites of London to the rolling hills of the Cotswolds and the mysteries of Stonehenge, David delights in showing off England’s marvels.

David's vision for Bespoke England Tours is clear – to ensure that every guest goes home having made lasting memories which surpass what they envisioned. He is not just sharing a location, but an experience tailored to each specific guest and a doorway into the heart of England.